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Golden Ops: Built for Follow Up
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Disruption Of The Status Quo

Standardize your follow up process, streamline your workflow, and empower your team to set more meetings – all in one powerful tool.

Built For Sales Reps, By Sales Reps

"Golden Ops empowers me to standardize my followup process and automate my notes. It ensures that I am efficiently creating relationship while providing value. Golden Ops is like having a secret weapon. Its lightweight and seamless to use. My confidence is through the roof, and I am closing more business!"
Jeanette Stock
Co-founder of Venture Out

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Golden Ops?

Golden Ops is a Chrome Extension built to optimize the outbound sales follow up and note taking process. The company, prospect, prospect title, prospect location, prospect CRM URL, and historical notes are  pre-loaded into the extension and calendar. We built this capability from the back end. Once the Golden Op is updated the notes are itemized chronologically in the CRM, Extension, and calendar with one click. No more copy and paste or double entry. The Golden Ops chrome extension provides the sales rep a visual reminder for followup. Golden Ops is the standardization of follow up actions and the automation of sales note taking.

What is the overall aim of Golden Ops?

Golden Ops aims to provide sales reps a simple and affordable tool that enables them to never miss a follow up and properly record notes.  Golden Ops increases sales qualified leads by focusing on standardizing the follow up process. Additionally, Golden Ops reduces the administration efforts of sales reps by automating notes with one click to the CRM, calendar, and extension.

What's different about Golden Ops?

Golden Ops is different because it was built for sales reps by sales reps. It's the only tool that embeds the Prospect URL into the follow up action which streamlines the follow up process. Golden Ops also eliminates administrative efforts of the sales rep by chronologically itemizing the notes in the extension, calendar, and CRM. Additionally, it gives the sales reps a standardized follow up action item in the extension that will notify the rep of daily and past due follow ups. 

Who will be using this tool?

SDR’s and Account Executives with outbound responsibility will be the primary users. Sales leadership will have visibility into notes and productivity through the standardization of Golden Ops. The product roadmap has a sales dashboard that will be directed for sales leadership. 

How expensive is Golden Ops?

Currently, Golden Ops is fully free!

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Revolutionize Sales

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